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IIM Calcutta - An Advanced Management Programme (LEAD)

“An Advanced Management Programme From Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (LEAD From IIM Calcutta)”

Programme Start Date » 08 Jan, 2022

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Course Duration
One Year
Course Fees
8,00,000 + GST (Excluding Registration Fee)/-
Class Schedule
1st Module Saturday- 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Delivery Mode
Technological Partner
Times TSW
Last Date to Apply
25 Jan, 2022
Alumni Status
IIM Calcutta Executive Education Alumni Status
Campus Immersion
The programme will have a total of three campus modules.

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Course Overview

LEAD: An Advanced Management Programme, is a dynamic, cross-functional, and immersive one-year programme by IIM Calcutta, designed for senior executives who are committed to driving systematic change within themselves, their teams, and their organisations. The programme is customised to integrate advanced leadership behaviours, skill-building, and coaching with large scale macroeconomic and strategic thinking frameworks. Through deeply immersive training modules, an academically rigorous curriculum, and a world-class faculty, IIM Calcutta’s LEAD seeks to transform senior executives into insightful and impactful senior leaders.

The business environment is undergoing rapid changes driven by technological innovations, customer preferences, disruptive business paradigms, and changing geo-political equations. In this atmosphere of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA), senior executives need to act more decisively and think more strategically. Demands on senior executives have never been greater.

IIM Calcutta’s advanced management program, LEAD has been designed with an awareness of today’s business realities. It is an experiential programme that provides senior executives with the knowledge and skills needed to make sense of disruptive changes and steer their organisations in the right direction.

LEAD, an advanced strategic management course is an innovative programme that leverages IIM Calcutta’s distinctive strength in blending theory and practice to offer business leaders an opportunity to contemporise their managerial capabilities and to sharpen their leadership acumen. It is aimed at senior executives who aspire to head dynamic, industry-shaping enterprises.

Course Highlights

  • Innovative programme design that structures leadership development capabilities across four sequential modules
  • Deep immersion in lectures, exercises, and case discussions around themes such as leadership and change
  • Three campus immersion modules enabling face-to-face sessions with experienced IIM Calcutta faculty*
  • Networking opportunities with successful professionals across diverse industries
  • Interaction with current and past CEOs
  • IIM Calcutta Executive Education Alumni Status

*Subject to control and state COVID-19 restrictions and evolving health hazards

Key Benefits

  • Learn about the fundamentals of finance, strategic thinking, and operations management.
  • Turn the latest theories and best practices into actionable strategies.
  • Master key leadership skills, including negotiation, conflict resolution and design thinking.
  • Learn how to engage systematically with complex business problems including digitalisation and global disruption.
  • Develop dynamic leadership planning frameworks to effectively manage change.
  • Understand organisational inertia and pursue global opportunities.
  • Master the foundations of impactful leadership by imbibing robust leadership practices.


  • Executives with a minimum of 15 years of experience in reputed organisations OR
  • Proprietors/Directors of corporations with turnover not less than ₹500 crore

Selection Criteria

Participants will be selected based on their application and credentials.

Course Modules

Course Content Breakdown -

LEARN The first module, LEARN, aims to help participants gain an executive perspective on the core functional capabilities every business leader should master.
ENHANCE The second module seeks to ENHANCE participants’ cognitive capacity by exposing them to experts on higher-order managerial capabilities such as design thinking and strategic analysis.
ASPIRE The third module, ASPIRE, fosters cross-functional competencies amongst participants to tackle contemporary challenges in management by imbibing, for instance, an appreciation for the digital disruption across industries, the ongoing character of innovation in organisations, and the challenges and opportunities in an imperfectly globalised world.
DELIVER In the fourth module, participants gain insights on how to DELIVER distinctive execution inside organisations through a deep immersion in lectures, exercises, and case discussions around themes such as leadership and change, and through workshops with present or past CEOs reflecting on their experiences.


Module 01 - LEARN: The Functional Capabilities of the Business Enterprise
Module 02 - Enhance: The Cognitive Capabilities of the Distinctive Executive
Module 03 - Aspire: Contemporary Challenges for the Business Enterprise
Module 04 - Deliver: Pathways and Outcomes for the Impactful Executive
Cross-Cutting Sequences
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  • Candidates will successfully complete the programme if they have completed all requirements of the programme, including those pertaining to attendance and evaluation.
  • Successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion from IIM Calcutta.
  • Those with requisite participation but unable to complete successfully will receive a certificate of participation.
  • Attending all campus modules is a mandatory requirement for completing the programme.
  • Successful candidates will also be accorded IIM Calcutta Executive Education Alumni status

Sample Certificate



Date & Fees

Fee Particulars Amount (in )
Registration Fee 16,750
Processing Fee** 20,000
Programme Fee 6,56,000
Campus Visit Fee for On-campus Stay 1,44,000
Total Fee (Excluding Registration Fee) 8,00,000

*GST will be additional as applicable.


Collection of Fee: All fees are payable to BCCL.

** Processing Fee

·        Processing fee includes ₹16,750 towards the application fee and ₹3,250 towards the total programme fee.

·        Processing fee of ₹20,000 is refundable in case the participant’s profile is rejected by IIM Calcutta.

^Off-Campus Stay

·        Candidates will have the option of making their own stay arrangements during the campus modules

·        They will be required to choose this option at the time of registering for the programme. No change will be allowed later.

·        The campus visit fee for participants staying off-campus during the campus modules will be ₹5,000/day + GST. Total amount to be paid will be ₹90,000 + GST.

No. of Installments -All amount is payable in 4 parts.
Instalment No. Amount (in )
Instalment I 1,96,750+3,250
Instalment II 1,52,000
Instalment III 1,52,000
Instalment IV 1,52,000
Timeline and Dates
Application Closure Date 25-Jan-2022
Academic Orientation Date 08-Jan-2022
Class Start Date 08-Jan-2022
Tentative Programme End Date 10-Dec-2022
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The pedagogy will involve IIM Calcutta’s distinctive portfolio method, which uses a variety of techniques, including case discussions, lectures, and experiential exercises, depending upon the specific learning objective.

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