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Course Overview

Today's managers need applicable knowledge and skills to navigate their organizations through an ever-changing and dynamic global business environment irrespective of the workplace, viz., national or global. The understanding of global perspective has become imperative for successful business. The fast-evolving business landscape has precipitated the need for developing a repertoire of management skills that are applicable across geographies. The Executive Programme in Global Business Management is designed to contribute to global management development. The program aims at executives in early to middle management career who are willing to learn the latest in management principles. Participants will gain new insights from reality-based case studies, sharing and developing decision-making techniques with an influential group of peers, all brought together in the nurturing environment created by IIMC Faculty.

The context of business in today’s world is unavoidably global. Every product or service has some element of globalization that has touched it at some stage or the other, so much so that it is often challenging to identify a “purely domestic” product or service that does not rely on some input of a global nature. Globalization refers to the broad phenomenon wherein not only are national economies across the world merging into an interdependent and integrated global economic system through a decline in cross-border barriers to trade, but also to the phenomenon of shrinking distances in respect of languages, cultures and timezones through improvements in technology and transportation. No manager in today’s business context can afford to remain oblivious to this undeniable reality.

The Executive Programme in Global Business Management is designed to impart both knowledge and skills that enable managers to equip themselves to become successful in the global business arena. The 13 th edition of this successful program is a significantly revamped version presented by IIM Calcutta. The program has been redesigned to keep up with the latest content in global business management courses worldwide, while also addressing contemporary issues in the Indian business context. The revised program is much shorter and redesigned to maintain a crisp focus on global business strategies, global business management concepts, and skills for cultivating a global mindset in the organization for business integration and improved responsiveness.

Managers of multinational companies currently working in the Indian space as well as Indian companies looking to expand their business globally would find this program relevant. Early to middle level managers who are beginning to encounter the challenges of globalization in their individual roles, teams and businesses, and seeking conceptual understanding, illustrative cases, and practical frameworks that can be applied for solutions to some grappling issues will find this program highly educative.

Key Benefits

  • Recognized Certification from IIMC - the foremost B School in the country and reputed to be one of Asia’s finest business schools
  • 1 year of intensive learning intervention by renowned faculty from India & abroad through online interactive lectures
  • Face to face workshops with case studies and business simulations at the IIMC Campus
  • Peer learning through rich student profile & Networking opportunities.
  • Continue earning while you gain a high quality Certification and improve eligibility for better job profiles with a recognized certification
  • Alumni membership of “IIMC-Executive Education” present globally - which has its own sets of advantages for identity, brand value, and marketability of the participants
  • Provide an overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques needed to successfully meet the challenges of today's global business environment. Individual courses will give participants the knowledge needed to work cross-functionally within the organization and become more skilled in the basics of business management.
  • Career Enhancement

Mode of Delivery

This Program is delivered through Interactive Onsite Learning platform where LIVE and highly interactive Sessions are conducted in the Authorized Study Centres established across India.



Graduates (10+2+3) / Post Graduates in any discipline with min. 50% marks [aggregate - considering results of all years (e.g. 3 or 4 together)] recognized by UGC/AICTE.

Experience Minimum

2 years of minimum work experience is required to apply

Experience Maximum


Selection Process

Profiles will be assesed by IIM Calcutta on the basis of Academics, work experience and Statement of Purpose (SOP).


Executive Certificate in Global Business Management will be awarded by IIM Calcutta to students on successful completion of the programme.

Alumni Status/ Placement

On successfull completion IIM Calcutta will award Alumni status to students.

Course Content

  • Module Module title Module description
    1 Introduction to global
    business management
    This is an introductory module to enables the participants to understand the phenomenon of globalization and its impact on the global business environment. This shall cover topics such as world geographies, markets and consumers, international trade and capital flows. For the benefit of managers in MNCs located in India or in the Indian market, it also includes some sessions on the Indian economy.
    2 Foundations of Business Management This module covers the pre-requisite topics in management disciplines such as economics, finance, marketing, HRM, strategy, operations management, organizational behaviour, IT and business ethics, required in order for the participants to be able to appreciate the subsequent modules on global business strategies and managing the global business.
    3 Workshop (in-campus) A specialized topic within the scope of global business management shall be covered by a subject matter expert.
    4 Global Business Strategies This module covers the central topics of global business strategies, ranging from systematic techniques for country and opportunity analysis, global market entry and exit strategies, with additional focus on international mergers, acquisitions, JVs and strategic alliances. We will also touch upon specialized topics such as internationalization of family owned businesses and the economics of special economic zones that may be of specific interest to the participants.
    5 Managing the Global Business This module is the nitty-gritty of the execution of the global strategy and covers various aspects of international management such as global finance, global HRM, international law, global R&D and supply chain management, international marketing, management information systems for global operations and global business ethics.
    6 Building Skills for Global Business Management (in-campus) During this face-to-face module, we help participants develop communication skills required in a globalized world, sensitize participants to cross-cultural skills required for the conduct of international business, provide guidance on building global careers and leadership, while endeavouring towards cultivating a global mindset in the organization for business integration and improved responsiveness.



Campus Component

On-campus sessions will be twice during course for total of 8 days.

How it Work

This program would give the participants a global perspective, i. e., various issues that come up and how organizations and other systems handle them. The successful participants would form a set that is more equipped to handle situations of global businesses. Successful participants become IIMC-LDP alumni, which has its own sets of advantages for identity, brand value, and marketability of the participants.


  • Highly Interactive
  • Theory & Practical Inputs
  • Case study approach.
  • Assignments, E-Learning, & Business Simulation

Program Faculty

Program Directors

  • Prof. Abhishek Goel
  • Prof. Manisha Chakrabarty
  • Prof. Nisigandha Bhuyan

Application fees

INR 2,500 plus GST as applicable

Total Fees

INR 3,70,000 plus GST as applicable


Total amount to be paid in 4 installments

Instalment Structure

Installment Amount INR
I INR 79,000 + GST
II INR (78,500/- + 30,000/-) + GST
III INR 79,000 + GST
IV INR (78,500/- + 24,000/-) + GST

Technological Partner

Hughes Global Education India Limited


Last date for application - 19th Feb, 2020

Selection Date - 26th Feb, 2020

Technical Orientation - 3rd March, 2020

Academic Orientation & Briefing - 7th March, 2020

Campus Module - 20th-24th May, 2020


It is one of the best and aligned program offfered on Interactive Onsite Learning Platform in the domain of GLOBAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT by IIM Calcutta. As per Alumni's it is quite engaging and rigorous program. The outcome of program certainly meets the expectation of candidates. Candidates looking forwrad to move in the roles of international/ global business management should opt for this program.

Applications can be submitted Online. Application Link can be shared with candidates post profile confirmation by the concerned team.

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Course Duration

12 Months

Start - March 2020

Tuesday – 6:45 PM to 9:45 PM and Saturday – 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM


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