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Course Overview

About Columbia University Columbia University was established in the year 1754. It is the oldest institution for higher learning in New York, USA. Over the years, Columbia University has achieved top rank due to its perfect blend of research and teaching expertise. For the last 250 years, the university has served as a global learning centre sustaining their academic supremacy all along. This institution has resonated with the Ivy League culture by inculcating one of the best and advanced learning systems. About Mailman School of Public Health The Mailman School is located at Columbia University Medical Center in Washington Heights, New York in a 20-acre campus that provides global leadership & management programs in scientific research, health and medical education, and patient care. It is ranked one of top 5 schools of public health by U.S. News & World Reports. About the Programme Columbia Health Executive Education: Global Management Program is an 11-month program in association with the Department of Health Policy & Management at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. The objective of this program is to prepare Senior Doctors & Executives be more effective managers and leaders to understand, analyze, and navigate the complex healthcare environment using lessons learned from Global Healthcare systems and applying them in local scenarios. Its our belief that elite executives equipped to address this diverse and evolving system will have the greatest impact. TSW & Columbia University aim to bridge the key strategic, policy, cross-national and operational frameworks that are essential to executives. This Ivy League education is designed for leaders across multiple sectors of healthcare looking to solve India's most critical problems relating to health and nutrition. The program provides Doctors & Healthcare Professionals with a rich and diverse on-site and virtual learning environment. It combines cross-national health executives' system perspectives with critical management tools, interactive workshops, team-based simulations, and personal leadership coaching.

Key Benefits

Learn the best practices of Global Healthcare and apply the lessons from an advanced healthcare system in Indian marketplace Be adept at managerial and administrative skills through Prestigious Ivy League education Learn how to administer healthcare institutions better and start & operate a hospital or healthcare institute through healthcare management lessons received at Columbia University Explore the opportunities underlying in the Healthcare sector through innovative solutions and startup to achieve success and leave a long lasting impact

Mode of Delivery

This Program is delivered through Interactive Onsite Learning platform where LIVE and highly interactive Sessions are conducted in the Authorized Study Centres established across India. 



Doctors and Healthcare Professionals keen to pursue a career in management Senior executives in functional roles of Leadership and Administration, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance or Human Resources Entrepreneurs in Healthcare Industry Independent Healthcare and Management consultants

Experience Minimum


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Selection Process

Profiles will be assesed by Columbia University for this program.


Certification directly from Columbia University

Alumni Status/ Placement


Course Content

During the executive program for attaining excellence in the health care, a candidate will learn about the latest management tools and advanced concepts from the world's renowned faculty at the prestigious Columbia University. This multi modular program will be a blend of face-to-face classroom sessions, LIVE virtual conference, simulation exercises and a capstone project.


Healthcare system will be looked over across the world. This will help the participants in understanding global healthcare policies. The topics introduced in the Policy agenda will be covered, herein. How healthcare institutions are dealing with the new policy topics? What do we know about? What exactly is effective in healthcare and what is not? What are the implications of these policies around the world? These points will help us in understanding the present scenario of the healthcare and overcome the challenges lying within.


On the basis of given performance agenda or the evolving policy, what major strategic choices healthcare leader will need to make? How exactly they should proceed in decision-making? What kind of information do they need to consider these choices? We will use an empathetic approach to help these leaders in making wise choice. We also need to know about the other leaders who have faced these choices across the world. We will learn from them and use our learning to attract better strategic choices.

Module 3 : QUALITY

We will assess the increasing pressure on monitoring while tracking and evaluating the “quality” of health care performance across the world. On the basis of these global metrics, we will learn to monitor, track and evaluate this “quality”. Moreover, we will understand the entire scenario and focus on the essence and perspective of “quality”. The participant will be able to define quality in the most relatable and sensible manner.


Strategic choices and related aspects will be touched upon again in this module. Unlike before, the emphasis will be on organizational choices in this session of module 4. Understanding the organizational choices from the perspective of leaders in the healthcare system will be our chief aim.


You will get a clarity on the constantly evolving Policy agenda, the quality metrics which need to be tracked and organizational goals that need to be addressed. We will develop an understanding of the real-time challenges faced by managers while designing and implementing upon the detailed performance system.


The different types of leadership faced by Indian managers while working on the policy agenda, performance measurement and quality management will be addressed over here. We will take a look across the world for similar instances to know what works in the favor of leaders and what doesn’t.


It is Mailman’s unique software based exercise wherein, you will be applying all the lessons learnt in the classroom in the “real world” work environment. This realistic exercise gives you an exposure to understand the challenges and complexity of competitive and rapidly growing hospital environment.


In order for participants to gain leadership and organizational skills – as the pace of change in healthcare continues to accelerate, they must become adept at navigating the changing marketplace, regulatory, and clinical worlds. HealthSquare Simulation provides an opportunity to experience the challenges of executive leadership and strategic decision-making of a competitive multi-hospital marketplace – a realistic exercise that effectively simulates the complexity and intensity of the evolving hospital environment.


The HealthSquare Simulation, which involves developing and implementing overall institutional strategy, is offered by the Mailman School of Public Health. HealthSquare evaluations reflect the consensus that participants find simulations to be the most powerful learning activities they have experienced. Follow-up studies and surveys reinforce this, particularly with regard to improved strategic decision-making “on-the-job” and teamwork and leadership competencies.

Campus Component

Twice in 11 months candidates need to visit New York campus (7 days each).

Twice in 11 months candidates need to visit Mumbai Classroom (7 days each).

How it Work

During the executive program for attaining excellence in the health care, a candidate will learn about the latest management tools and advanced concepts from the world's renowned faculty at the prestigious Columbia University. This multi modular program will be a blend of face-to-face classroom sessions, LIVE virtual conference, simulation exercises and a capstone project.

Program Faculty

Lawrence Bartlett - Adjunct Assistant Professor (Health Policy and Management)

Catherine Foster - Faculty (Health Policy and Management)

Yuna Lee - Assistant Professor (Health Policy and Management)

Matthew Neidell - Assistant Professor (Health Policy and Management)

David Rosenthal - Assistant Professor [Health Policy and Management (In the Center for Family and Community Medicine) at the Columbia University Medical Center]

Kai Ruggeri - Assistant Professor (Health Policy and Management at the Columbia University Medical Center)

Bhaven Sampat - Assistant Professor (Health Policy and Management)

Michael Sparer - Chair and Professor (Health Policy and Management)

Paul Thurman - Lecturer (Health Policy and Management)

John Winkleman - Lecturer, Director (Health Policy and Management) Director, The Consulting Practice

Russ Branzell - Associate (Health Policy and Management)

Lili Elkins - Lecturer (Health Policy and Management)

Application fees

USD 125

Total Fees

USD 22000



Instalment Structure


Technological Partner

TSW Times


Applications can be processed on profile approval for bacth.


We believe, it will be a revolutionary program for healthcare professionals. Being on job professionals can get learnings directly from Columbia University, New York and best in the world faculty, will be sharing knowledge in highly lnteractive LIVE sessions.Quite promising course content with two campus visits to New York and 2 classroom sessions in Mumbai of 7 days each, showcasing the seriousenss and rigor of the program. 

Applications can be submitted Online. Application Link can be shared with candidates post profile confirmation by the concerned team.

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Course Duration

11 Months

Start - TBA

Once a Week