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IIM Calcutta - Family Business Management Course

“Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Family Business Management from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (PGCFBM from IIM Calcutta).”

Programme Start Date » 26 Sep, 2021

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Course Duration
12 Months
Course Fees
Class Schedule
Sundays: 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Delivery Mode
VC Classroom in your city
Technological Partner
Times TSW
Last Date to Apply
29 Aug, 2021
Alumni Status
IIM Calcutta Executive Education Alumni status
Campus Immersion
Once for 5 days

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Course Overview

Family-owned businesses, big and small, account for over 80% of businesses in India and are a significant contributor to the country’s GDP. Management of family-owned businesses also pose a unique set of legacy challenges that include vision, sustainability, continuity, succession, governance, etc. In today’s rapidly evolving dynamic business environment, it is essential for owners, inheritors, successors, scions and even top management of family-owned businesses to have a nuanced view of global best practices in managing, sustaining and growing such businesses. 

For those who are running a family business, sticking to their traditional way of doing things is important. But sticking to traditions sometimes comes with a heavy price of slow growth and many missed opportunities. To become more dynamic, and to contribute more to the economy, it is important for family managed businesses and new business ventures to adopt professional ways of doing business that make them thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

The business environment in India is rapidly changing. It is far more dynamic today than ever before. The family-managed businesses must adapt to the professional way of managing their businesses to remain afloat in today’s dynamic environment. Therefore, this programme is developed to educate and enable the owners/top-management of the family businesses in India to understand and learn how to tackle the challenges they face and continue to contribute to the national economy more significantly.

The programme will enable them to explore how to scan the environment and identify the opportunities available to grow in the same field or in new vistas. It will also expose them to the theory related to the functional aspects of the business, developing strategies and the importance of professional management.

India ranks third in terms of the number of family-managed businesses with 111 companies having a total market capitalisation of $839 billion. ‘Credit Suisse Family 1000 in 2018’ report by CSRI

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Course Highlights

Besides inculcating a pride of being a part of IIM Calcutta, one of the top 10 B-Schools in India and the pioneers of interactive learning in the Asia-Pacific region, the programme offers participants lasting value.

  • Learn how to manage the functional areas of a business
  • Construct new business ideas, evaluate and implement them
  • Develop effective negotiation acumen
  • Acquire knowledge on internationalisation of business
  • Understand Design Thinking for growth strategies
  • Benefit from a five-day campus immersion
  • Prestigious IIM Calcutta Executive Certification
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Key Benefits

Family Business Management Programme from IIM Calcutta is aimed to 

  • Develop an understanding of the role of an entrepreneur/innovator
  • Appreciate the functional aspects of their businesses
  • Develop a strategy to take their business ahead in the competition
  • Understand how to take their business global


  • Graduation in any discipline
  • Must be an owner/scion of the family-managed business
  • Member of the top management (that is, reporting to the owner) of the family-managed business with a minimum of ten years of experience
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Selection Criteria

Profiles will be assesed by IIM Calcutta on the basis of Academics, work experience, documents and Statement of Purpose.

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Course Modules

The programme will ensure intensive immersion through the Interactive Learning (VIL) platform as well as in-campus sessions. Following modules are part of the programme

Functional Areas of Business
Understanding Macroeconomic Business Environment for Family-managed Businesses
Dynamics of Family-managed Businesses
Business Financing and Valuation, and Venture Capital Funding
Understanding Entrepreneurship
Design Thinking and Innovation
Taking One's Business Global
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  • Candidates who successfully complete the programme will receive a ‘Certifi­cate of Completion’ from IIM Calcutta
  • Those with requisite participation but poor grades in more than two courses will receive a ‘Certi­cate of Participation’

Sample Certificate



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Date & Fees

Fee Particulars Amount (in )
Processing fee** 15,000
Programme Fee 3,50,000
Campus Visit Charges for On-campus Stay*** 40,000
Total Fees (Exclusive of Registration Fees) 3,90,000
Registration Fee (included in the processing fees) 9,500

GST applicable on components of fees. Current GST rate is 18%.

No. of Installments -Total amount to be paid in 4 installments
Instalment No. Amount (in )
At the time of application 5,500
First 64,500
Second 70,000
Third 70,000
Fourth 70,000
Fifth 70,000
Timeline and Dates
Application Closure Date 10-Aug-2021
Academic Orientation Date 19-Sep-2021
Date of 1st Online Class 26-Sep-2021
Tentative Programme End Date 04-Sep-2022
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  • Interactive Discussions
  • Case Studies
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TTBS Review  Review

One of the unique programmes ever offered by IIM. It caters to the need of the speacial content and delivery for Family Business Owners. This programme is quite in news and covered by business today, India today, IIFL, dalal street journal and more. All family Business owners can join this programme or nominate their top managers for creating a better thought process to take businessess to new heights.

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