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Course Overview

The senior management’s role is to keep a team focused and motivated. This would require skills related to effective communication including: strategy, negotiation, abilities to influence team behavior and manage team results. It is crucial for a senior manager to possess a right blend of soft skills and a strategic mindset. This skillset enables him/her to achieve specific performance outcomes in an organization. The PGCSL Program offers critical skills to an individual enabling him to attain success for his organization.

The XLRI Senior Leadership Programme (XSLP) is a one year blended programme designed specially for Senior Management Executives – with the aim to transform your leadership persona through coaching and strengthening of management foundations: ultimately transforming the business you lead by setting direction and a rigorous focus on implementation. The transformation aspect of this programme is strongly rooted in Change Management principles. Personal Coaching, Live Project and a Campus Immersion experience at XLRI are some of the distinguishing features of this programme. So if you are a Senior Executive determined to drive your business forward by sharpening your strategic thinking, and interested to network with other like-minded executives and wear the prestigious badge of an XLRI alumni – this is the program for you.

In an era of hyper-competition and non-stop disruption, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to stand for something innovative. The true mark of a leader is the courage to take a bold course of action and see it through. Also, leaders instil in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals. To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, leaders do not follow where the path may lead. Instead, they go where there is no path and leave a trail.

Key Benefits

  • Exceptional opportunity for both personal and professional growth

  • Set the direction of your business and develop an overarching corporate strategy

  • Boost your personal leadership skills and accelerate your role in building and leading a high-performing organization.

  • Improve your analytical and decision-making skills in order to resolve disputes

  • Understanding the current industrial scenario and transforming operational capabilities into a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Rigorous program structure with assessments

  • Case studies, Simulations and Role play

  • Alumni membership of XLRI present globally

Mode of Delivery

This Program is delivered through Interactive Onsite Learning platform where LIVE and highly interactive Sessions are conducted in the Authorized Study Centres established across India. 



Graduates and Post Graduates in any discipline recognized by UGC/AICTE

Experience Minimum

10 Years of minimum work experience is required to apply

Selection Process

Profiles will be assesed by XLRI Jamshedpur on the basis of Academics, work experience and statement of purpose(SOP).


Post Graduate Certificate in Senior Leadership will be awarded by XLRI Jamshedpur to the students on successful completion of the programme

Alumni Status/ Placement

On successfull completion XLRI Jamshedpur will award Alumni status to students.

Course Content


  • Anchors of Leadership
  • Dynamics of Markets
  • Leadership Communication


  • Building a Responsible Organisation: Sustainability and Ethics
  • Creating Corporate Value
  • Strategic Thinking for Leadership Growth


  • Organisational Structure and HR Alignment
  • Corporate Governance
  • Enterprise Risk Management & Digital Transformation
  • Creating High-performance Teams


  • Conflicts Management and Negotiations
  • Business Turn-around Management
  • Corporate Culture, Creativity and Innovation


An individual project will involve the identification of leadership challenges and opportunities within the participant’s organisation. The issues will be fine-tuned through a series of interactions with programme faculty/coaching/workshops during the campus component.


In addition to the live sessions, students shall be required to complete the compulsory designated asynchronous courses. On successful completion of these courses, students will receive separate certificates for each of these completed courses from HBS Publishing.

Campus Component

On-campus sessions will be once during course of 5 days

How it Work

Campus Immersion

The Campus Immersion will be a great opportunity for you to familiarise with the faculty. The campus and make positive connections. It will also include direct coaching and setting foundation for the key aspect of this programme – training assessment.

Personalized Coaching

Through a personal guidance approach and series of workshops, lectures and assignments – the programme will enable development of a unique leadership style that helps you lead personal and professional transformation. The XLRI faculty will help you build foundation skills to strengthen people management, strategy implementation and expanding on personal strengths.

Live Project

Final Leg of the programme will consist of a Live Project which will have you work on solving an organizational problem from your experience. Here we will use Strategic Thinking to find challenges and opportunities in the workplace and implementing solutions to improve mindsets of employees and sustaining transformation. Continuous evaluation by faculty and series of interactions will ensure support and important takeaway points at each step of the module.

Program Faculty

Dr. Tata.L. Raghu Ram

Dr. Manoj T Thomas

Application fees

  • Processing fee contains ₹2,500/- towards application fee and ₹7,500/- towards the total course fees.
  • In case a candidate is not selected for admission in the programme, an amount of ₹7,500/- + GST at the applicable rate thereon shall be refunded to the candidate.
  • In case the candidate is selected for admission to the programme, the amount of ₹7,500/- + GST shall be adjusted towards payment of fees for the programme.
  • The amount of ₹2,500/- + GST towards the application fee shall not be refunded irrespective of the selection status of the candidate.

Total Fees

INR 3,60,000/- plus GST as applicable


Total amount to be paid in 5 installments

Instalment Structure

First Second Third Fourth Fifth
72,500 70,000 70,000 70,000 70,000

Technological Partner

Times TSW


First round of applications closing on 14th Feb 2021

Classes are starting on 30th May 2021


Senior Leadership Program of XLRI Jamshedpur is highly rigorous, interactive and concentrated program. The content is very promising and Alumni shared it certainly delivered the best. The best outcome of the program is paradigm shift in thought process of managers. Highly interactive twice a week classes and 7 days campus immersion keep the program aligned. It is one of the best among all Senior Management and Leadership Programs currently offered in country.

Applications can be submitted Online. Application Link can be shared with candidates post profile confirmation by the concerned team.


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Course Duration

12 Months

Start - May 2021

Saturday - 9 00 am to 12 00 noon and Sunday - 3 30 pm to 6 30 pm


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All applications are assessed by the respective institute and our team has no role in selection/rejection/on hold status of candidate.

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