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Course Overview

Empower HR by Weaponizing it with Data Analytics

Data is helping the world advance in many ways, so why shouldn’t it benefit the world of Human Resource Management? This led XLRI Jamshedpur to formulate this futuristic course in Human Resource Analytics.

This program from XLRI has been designed to introduce participants to the concepts of HR Analytics and familiarize them with different dimensions like descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics. The course intends to help participants become proficient in:

  • Descriptive HR Analytics: Developing and modifying various HR metrics including proprietary metrics relevant to the organization
  • Predictive HR Analytics: Making predictions about various people management decisions based on existing data, or newly developed proprietary metrics
  • Prescriptive HR Analytics: Making suggestions for future people management decisions, based on the analytics, and ensuring optimum use of investments in human assets

This course is designed for participants who may not be proficient in maths/statistics. Illustrations will be done using SPSS primarily and through MS Excel initially. This course will help professionals use analytics as a tool to develop a deeper understanding of data and people management and find appropriate solutions to real life people challenges.

Key Benefits

Certificate of Completion from XLRI- Opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion in HR Analytics from XLRI – the best HR institution in India

Work on Real-Time projects in your organization- Opportunity to work on a real time project, based on the needs identified within your own organization and make private project presentations to XLRI faculty if working on confidential projects

Learn to Make Better People Management Decisions- Learn to utilize HR analytics in making better people management decisions in everyday work scenarios

Statistical Insights Through SPSS- Gain exposure to using SPSS through in-class illustrations

Unique opportunity to get into academic partnership- Opportunity to work on XLRI faculty mentored analytic projects for limited number of candidates, who are willing to get into an academic partnership /publication

Flexibility to Choose from Various Analytical Packages- Flexibility granted to participants to use analytical packages they are comfortable with, such as SAS, Stata, R, MPlus, and MS Excel with Add-ons etc.

Mode of Delivery

This Program is delivered through D2D Sessions. D2D referes to Direct to Device that enable students to attend sessions from anywhere on their own systems as per LIVE schedule of session.



Graduates (10+2+3) or Diploma Holders (only 10+2+3) from a recognized University (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government) in any discipline.

Experience Minimum
  • HR professionals with a minimum of 2 years of work experience in the field of HR
  • Non-HR professionals should have a minimum of 5 years of overall work experience

Selection Process

Profiles will be assesed by XLRI Jamshedpur on the basis of Academics, work experience and Statement of Purpose


Executive Development Program in Human Resource Analytics will be awarded by XLRI Jamshedpur to the students on successful completion of the programme.

Alumni Status/ Placement

Alumni status will be awarded on successful completion of course by XLRI Jamshedpur.

Course Content

Module 1 - Introduction to People Analytics

This module will help you understand the domain of HR analytics and the process of implementing HR analytics in context of evolving HR technologies. For example, how will you identify the concerns related to scheduled meetings in your organization (duration, effectiveness, challenges etc.) and make an evidence-based decision through a people analytics process. This module will also help you learn the basics of designing an appropriate HR analytics project for your experience and exposure.

  • Evidence-based Approach
  • HR Analytics Continuum
  • HR Analytic Process: Designing a Project

Module 2 - Descriptive Analytics

This module focuses on the process of capturing relevant data for HR analytics. We will focus on questions such as, the existing and potential sources of relevant data, data cleaning processes, types of metrics, and the process of developing customized proprietary metric for your organization. For illustrations, you will consider the availability of existing data, pertaining to scheduled meetings in your organization and its reliability, segmentation of the available data and modification of the same, for making business sense in your organizational context.

  • Analytical Foundations of HR Measurement
  • Bringing HR and Finance together
  • Types of HR Metrics
  • Developing Proprietary Metrics for your organization/Issues faced

Module 3 - Predictive Analytics

By utilizing basic analytical tools, in this module, you will learn to make predictions about the challenges and outcome of future scheduled meetings in your organization. This module will help you make predictions such as – meetings that may not commence on time, relative contribution of current talent management practices to the delay in closing the meeting, types of meetings that are difficult to manage etc., based on different types of analysis. Discussions will also include qualitative analytical tools – Natural Language Processing.

  • Introduction to Predictive Analytics Tools
  • Choosing Predictive Analytic Models for Quantitative Data
  • Working with Qualitative Data
  • Interpreting Predictive Analytics Results

Module 4 - Prescriptive Analytics

Based on the available predictions, this module will help you make improvements for the chosen HR analytics theme. The focus of the module is not only on optimization but also on customization of the solutions, considering the contextual requirements and limitations associated with. For example, what are the specific precautions you need to take, to increase the effectiveness of the meetings in a conservative organizations wherein, predictive analytics indicate that middle level executives prefer to silently agree with all suggestions by top executives?

Prescriptive analytics in this context will also focus on modifications required in associated HR initiatives to ensure:
(a) free flow of value adding ideas
(b) high engagement levels irrespective of hierarchical levels and
(c) changes in the culture of the organization, to a high performing professional one.

Furthermore, the module will also briefly discuss ONA – Organizational Network Analysis.

  • Responding to HR Challenges through Prescriptive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics as a Process to Influence Stakeholders
  • Contextualized Prescriptions
  • Optimization through Prescriptive Analytics

Module 5 - Project

Illustrations of People Analytics from Staffing, Training, Performance Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture, OD interventions, Organizational Structure etc., are covered and discussed across the four modules discussed above.

The program will help you develop analytical capabilities for evidence-based choices such as: Prioritizing various talent management initiatives for your organization, identifying employees with high attrition risk, comparing potential candidates in terms of their future predicted performance, modifying steps in staffing by eliminating ineffective steps & introducing value adding initiatives, the relevance of forced distribution appraisal systems in your organizations, compensation optimization by incorporating employee preferences, culture fit and corrections across various units/departments of your organization etc.

How it Work

The primary method of instruction will be through LIVE lectures that will be beamed online via Internet to student desktops/laptops or classrooms. The pedagogy will comprise live lectures, case studies, analytical exercises, experiential evaluation, live project presentations and feedback in small groups, imparted and facilitated by XLRI’s faculty. Concepts will be explained using examples drawn from real-life organizational situations.

This program focuses on analytics, rather than statistics, and anyone without statistics/mathematics background is encouraged to apply for the program. While all critical analysis are demonstrated during the program using SPSS, participants are also given YouTube video links to refer to statistical analysis in detail, and gain expertise at their comfort. Participants are free to use any statistical tool (including MS Excel with some add-ons) of their choice, while in-class demonstrations are mostly based on SPSS.

Depending on the comfort level and preference of the entire batch during initial modules, an integrated approach may be followed for modules 3 & 4, wherein analytical processes are typically presented with increasing levels of complexities. Based on the data collected from participants, the time and exposure to various themes mentioned in the syllabus above, may get modified to improve the value for the entire batch.

All enrolled students will also be provided access to the Cloud Campus through which students may access other learning aids, reference materials and assessments, case studies, projects and assignments as appropriate. Throughout the duration of the course, students will have the flexibility to reach out to the professors, real-time during the class or offline via the Cloud Campus to raise questions and clear their doubts. Assignments are provided for most of the important topics for experiential learning, and participants are expected to clarify doubts and concerns faced, while completing the assignments during the initial stages of the next session itself, in order to facilitate timely and systematic learning.

Program Faculty

Prof. Gloryson R B Chalil - FPM (IIM Bangalore), PGDM (PM&HR) and MLL&LW (Symbiosis)

Total Fees

For Indian Residents - INR 85,000/- plus GST as applicable

For International Students - USD$ 1,800/-


Total amount to be paid in 3 installments

Instalment Structure

1st 2nd 3rd 

Rs. 30,000 + GST*

USD 700

Rs. 25,000 + GST*

USD 400

Rs. 30,000 + GST*

USD 700

Technological Partner



Apply before course start date and it is advised to apply as early as possible for securing seat. Candidate has to pay 2 installment before start of the programme.


This is 3rd batch and we have received wonderful feedback of this course form the Alumni. If any HR course is coming from XLRI Jamshedpur, you can bank upon quality, content and market acceptance. Very practical and rigorous programme is designed for working professionals to get training and experience through project in HR Analytics.

Applications can be submitted Online. Application Link can be shared with candidates post profile confirmation by the concerned team.

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Course Duration

6 Months

Start - June 2021

Saturday- 06.30 p.m. to 09.30 p.m. IST (max. of 4/month)


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