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Course Overview

While CHANGE has been the most consistent element of an organisation, however research tells us that most change initiatives fail to achieve the desired objectives. One primary reason for this failure is lack of skills among the managers involved in the change process. It’s a passé that managers were valued for their functional skills; they at best got you where you are today. What is most likely to take you to the next level and help you to grow is the ability to anticipate, strategize and execute the phenomenon called change. This program LCM attempts to sensitize you to see change as a daily occurrence vs. an event and will abreast you with leadership competencies which will emerge as a cutting edge tool to lead such changes in your organizational environment. Addressing change is a symbiotic process, necessary for organizations as well as for its leaders – to realize and embrace change in order to stay relevant. LCM is precisely aimed to address this growing need. LCM will help you develop competencies as a leader and competencies of leading change.

Learning Objectives

LCM will be able to understand and appreciate the nuances of ‘leadership’ and ‘managing organizational change’, by particularly answering questions like:

  • What are the critical competencies of a leader?
    • Discovering the self
  • What are the essential aspects of leadership?
    • Understanding the role of a leader
  • Why organizational change holds greater relevance in today’s work context?
    • Do all employees perceive all changes in the same way?
    • How could or should a planned intervention look like?
    • c.Is it better done internally by its own members or an external consultant can be more effective?
  • How would I map the various stakeholders in a change process and what are the roles and responsibilities of each set of stakeholders?
  • What resources and recourses are available to a leader to prepare the organization during the planning and implementing change interventions?
    • How would I know that the change intervention has met the objectives of the proponents?
  • In times of change, when the organization grows, what’s in it for me?

One campus visit of 4-days which will cover the introduction sessions, project presentations, interaction with industry leaders and experiential learning through simulation.

Key Benefits

  • IIM Tiruchirappalli certification upon successful completion of the programme
  • 4-day on-campus experiential learning at IIM Tiruchirappalli campus
  • Classes over Interactive Learning Platform via Direct to Device (D2D) mode
  • Networking opportunity with a diverse student profile
  • Comprehensive curriculum designed by domain experts at IIM Tiruchirappalli
  • Easy access to learning from your location of work/stay
  • Interaction with industry leaders and faculty
  • IIM Tiruchirappalli Alumni status

Mode of Delivery

This Program is delivered through D2D Sessions. D2D referes to Direct to Device that enable students to attend sessions from anywhere on their own systems as per LIVE schedule of session.



Graduates from a recognized university in any discipline with minimum 50 percent.

Experience Minimum

Minimum of 3 years overall experience is required to apply.

Selection Process

Profiles will be assesed by IIM Tiruchirappalli on the basis of Academics, work experience and Statement of Purpose.


Certification of Executive Programme in Leadership and Change Management will be awarded by IIM Tiruchirappalli to the students on successful completion of the programme.

Alumni Status/ Placement

Alumni status will be awarded on successful completion of the programme.

Course Content

I. Discovering the Leader within you

  • .Fundamentals of Human Behaviour
  • Personality and Self
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Attribution Style
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style
  • Leadership Competencies that Drives Growth

II. Managing the Dynamics of People at Work

  • Managing Difficult People and Situations
  • Team Building
  • Decision Making During Crisis
  • The Art of Persuasion
  • Managing Conflict
  • Managing Time
  • Managing Stress
  • Giving and Receiving feedback

III. Developing High Performance Organizations

  • Analysing the Organisational Structure
  • Organisational Culture
  • Understanding the Psychology of Change
  • Leading in a Diverse Context

IV. Influencing & Leading Change

  • Envisioning Change
  • Developing a Growth Mind-set
  • Role of Communication
  • Leadership and Creativity
  • Managing Change: Shareholders vs Stakeholders
  • Leveraging Data to Drive Organisational Change
  • Living the Brand
  • Building a Culture of Growth

Campus Component

One on-campus component of 4 days will take place at IIM Tiruchirappalli campus.

How it Work

The pedagogy adopted in this programme will involve a combination of the following:

  • Concept-based lectures
  • Case discussions – text and video cases
  • All participants will be connected through Google Classroom for support on additional readings, reference materials and assessments
  • Throughout the course, participants will have the flexibility to connect with the professors, during the class or offline via Google Classroom.
  • The project work will begin with Module-III, under the guidance of a professor. The project presentation will be scheduled during the campus visit, which would be a graded-component

Program Faculty

Prof. Papri Nath

Prof. Abhishek Totawar

Total Fees

Programme Fees* ₹ 1,29,000/-

* Taxes will be additional as applicable


Total amount to be paid in 4 installments

Instalment Structure

Installment   I st Installment II nd Installment III rd Installment IV th Installment
Date At the time of Registration Within one week of offer rollout date 10th February, 2021 10th March, 2021 10th April, 2021
Amount ₹* 5,250 +4750 =10,000 36,250 22,500 32,500 32,500

*All fees are exclusive of applicable taxes

At the time of registration, participant will pay a processing fee of Rs. 10,000 containing INR 4,750 towards Application & Registration fee & INR 5,250 towards the programme fees. Processing fee of INR 10,000 is refundable in case the participant’s profile is rejected by IIM Tiruchirappalli

Technological Partner

Times TSW


Last date of online application submission 13th December, 2020
The first installment of fees (Last date) Within one week of offer rollout date
Commencement of classes (First In campus) TBD
IOL Classes start date 10th January, 2021


First batch of Leadership and Change Management Programme is launched by IIM Tiruchirappalli. They are covering broader content in the segment. Programme is also having Simulation inclusion during campus component. All Existing LCM courses are not covering much content and hardly have any campus immersions. Working Professionals or aspiring executives desiring to take up managerial or leadership roles in the organization or industry should take up this program. Alumnus benefit in 6 months course is also not provided by every IIM.

Applications can be submitted Online. Application Link can be shared with candidates post profile confirmation by the concerned team.

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Course Duration

6 Months

Start - January 2021

Sunday : 3:30 PM to 6:45 PM


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All applications are assessed by the respective institute and our team has no role in selection/rejection/on hold status of candidate.

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