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“Executive Strategic Management Course from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM Calcutta) designed for working executives.”

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Course Overview

Current business contexts are defined by intense pressures of competition, integration across global markets, new concerns about sustainability and an intensification of resource conflicts around the world, technological changes including the use of information technology and massive institutional transitions/transformations. These both frame and challenge a firm’s ambitions of growth requiring them to take risks as they navigate through change.

Strategy is a mode of thinking that leverages the power of individuals, institutions, firms and markets in a cohesive manner to improve the effectiveness of an organization. Hence, we can call it the exercise of power. It is a skill and a craft. Strategy is thus fundamentally about governance. Power can of course be sought for its own sake and therefore crafty strategists in its pursuit may deform and transform business and societal spaces and existing institutions, even while setting ‘new rules of the game’. These require institutional work to be carried out that can embrace the ‘social’ and ‘political’ even as it retains the core concern with the economic calculus of a firm’s strategizing.

Globalization and more intense international flows of resources and ideas are bringing firms that were nurtured in ‘specific historically constructed national institutional settings’, to compete in global markets. Understanding the institutional setting of rival and/or partner firms so as to better appreciate their strengths and weakness adds an additional layer of complexity to the strategic endeavor in a globalizing context. Navigating the challenges of global competition therefore requires an appreciation, not only of the strategic moves a firm can make – but more importantly how these relate to and interweave with the broader institutions that frame and define strategic action.

This course therefore presumes that strategic action, of competition or cooperation, always is embedded in societal, institutional and regulatory contexts. Rather than looking at these as constraints, it helps if one can appreciate how wins can be crafted and power effectively leveraged working within and through these broader institutions, to the benefit of both firm and society.

Key Benefits

  • Developing a strategic thinking mode – understanding how power is wielded and negotiated in multiple contexts, especially amidst great ‘complexity’ and institutional transformations.
  • Understanding strategic landscapes of industries, including the interface with law and regulation, and institutional variation across nations
  • Understanding sustainability, resource conflicts and its relation to strategy
  • Discerning the strategic significance of few contemporary developments such as outsourced models of business, vigorous use of informatics, delayering of organizations, modularization of product systems and so on.
  • Strategizing in a network mode – competition and cooperation; especially appreciating role of shared assets
  • Economics of strategy moves, especially under decreasing and increasing returns
  • Managing multi-stakeholder interests and institutional frameworks thereof, especially of work-force/skill-holders and communities with various resource rights

Mode of Delivery

This Program is delivered through Interactive Onsite Learning platform where LIVE and highly interactive Sessions are conducted in the Authorized Study Centres established across India



Graduates (10+2+3) in any discipline with min. 50% marks [aggregate- considering results of all years (e.g. 3 or 4 together)] recognized by UGC/AICTE

Experience Minimum

Minimum of 7 years work experience holders can apply

Experience Maximum


Selection Process

Profiles will be assesed by IIM Calcutta on the basis of Academics, work experience, Statement of Purpose 


"Advanced Programme in Strategic Management for Corporate Leaders" will be awarded by IIM Calcutta to students on successful completion of the programme.

Alumni Status/ Placement

On successfull completion IIM Calcutta will award Alumni status to students.

Course Content

Some of the areas and themes that will be covered are indicated below:

  • Strategic Thinking: Appreciation of conflicts, contests and cooperation
  • Role of Institutions, laws, contracts and frameworks for engaging with multi-stakeholders interests
  • Firm strategy, sustainability and resource conflicts
  • Increasing returns and business development with non-linear profits
  • Understanding competition and cooperation: Products and platforms
  • Modularization and outsourcing
  • Varieties of capitalism, institutional legacies and global competition
  • Organizing inside the firm
  • Managing under institutional transitions
  • Merger and Acquisitions, including a brief exposure to valuation

Campus Component

On-campus sessions will be conducted thrice during course for total of 11 days

How it Work

  • Highly Interactive Virtual LIVE sessiona
  • Theory & Practical Inputs
  • Case study approach.
  • Assignments, E-Learning, & Presentations

Application fees

INR 2,500/- plus GST as applicable

Total Fees

INR 2,65,000/- plus GST as applicable is the total program fees.

Campus visit fees: 88,000/- plus GST as applicable to be paid at the time of campus visit.


Total amount to be paid in 3 installments

Instalment Structure

  Installment 1  Installment 2 Installment 3 
  85,000 + 32,000 (GST Extra) 95,000 +24,000 (GST Extra) 85,000 + 32,000 (GST Extra)

Technological Partner

VC Now (Unified Collaboration Services)


Last date to apply is August 31, 2020 


There are many strategic management courses from top business schools but it is an advanced course in strategic management designed for working leaders. Programme with the unique content designed for only leaders who look forward to work and enhance their strategical;decision making skills. Wonderful course content and 6 months course with Alumni benefit. 

Applications can be submitted Online. Application Link can be shared with candidates post profile confirmation by the concerned team.

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Course Duration

6 Months

Start - October 2020

Monday 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


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